Things to do in Plymouth

So, you have planned a trip to Plymouth and wondering how to spend your time? Well – you are definitely going to be spoilt for choices, because the city has a lot on offer for the tourists. Let’s explore and know about the many things to do when you are in the city of Plymouth.

Situated in the Southwest England, Plymouth is a port city in Devon. The city lies in between two rivers – Plym to the East and Tamar to the west and both rivers flows into the natural harbor of Plymouth Sound. The city is situated on the mouth of the river Plym and this is how it gets its name – Plymouth. This city is famous for some stunning attractions. Some of the UK’s most stunning and envied beaches and romantic hidden coves are located in this city. One of the finest and largest national parks in Britain – Dartmoor is situated here in this city. So, if you are planning a visit, here are some of things which you shouldn’t miss when in the city.

Plymouth Synagogue:

Plymouth Synagogue in the city of Plymouth is a Listed as Grade II building. It was built in 1762 and one of the oldest synagogues made by Jews, mainly immigrants from German lands and the Netherlands. The synagogue is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Plymouth Naval Memorial:

Plymouth Naval Memorial is a war memorial in Devon, England in memory of British and Commonwealth sailors who lost their lives in both world wars. This memorial is a magnificent structure. It is a fitting epitaph for those brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives and spending some time here in this memorial is really worthy of it. Do not miss spending a few hours in the memorial.

Royal Citadel Plymouth:

This Royal Citadel of Plymouth was made in the late 1660. If you do not come to this historic fort, you will never know that there are so much hidden things behind the walls of this magnificent place. You have to take a guide to get inside this citadel. Guides are knowledgeable persons, and tickets can only be purchased from the guide. It is a mainly outdoor tour, and duration is two hours. As the citadel is an operational military base, tours may be curtailed without prior notice. Do not forget to carry ID card including name and address.

Morwelham Quay:

Morwelham Quay is an historic river port in Devon. It was developed to support the local mines. This port has a peak time in the Victorian era and now it is one of the tourist attractions of England. Here is one open-air museum which displays restored docks, quays, ships, etc. by riding a small train you will enjoy the view of copper mine, Victorian farm, etc. In 2006 UNESCO awarded it World Heritage Site status. This place gives you an impression of Victorian Industrial and rural life.

Hemerdon House:

Enjoy 90 minutes of history in this beautiful house. Built in the late 18th century, by the ancestors of current owners, Woollcombe family, this is a place which shouldn’t be missed. Hemerdon House contains wealth of the local and family history, with artifacts collected by them through generations.

Devonport Naval Heritage Centre

Your visit to Plymouth will be incomplete if you do not visit Devonport Naval Heritage centre. It is a maritime museum formerly known as Plymouth Naval Base Museum. It records the development of the Dockyard and Plymouth’s pivotal role in supporting the Royal Navy. The centre is one of the most visited places of the city.

Plymouth Arts Centre

If you are an art lover, must visit Plymouth Arts Centre. Built in 1947, it is a centre for contemporary art, independent cinema and creative learning based in the Barbican area of Plymouth, UK.

Visit Beaumont Park, Devonport Park, Saltram Gardens, Elejabethan Gardens, Victoria Park, Freedom Fields Park, Devils Point Park, et. Do not miss out the splendid food scene of the city. Taste some of the local and international cuisines of the region when you are in the city.  

Plan your visit to the city and create memories for a lifetime.


Washington DC activities

Washington, DC is the city, where you can simply walk across the beautiful wide avenues, stare at the historic monuments, spend leisurely moments by the rivers or simply enjoy the lovely cuisine and hospitality, of the city. There are several free museums, for those who love to absorb the culture and heritage of the city. This is a fun and lively city offering so much for the tourists who choose to spend their time here.

Locals love hiking, walking and playing outside. This is your opportunity to eat healthy, explore the best of nature and dig into the exotic cuisine of the place. There are several free and fun things to do when you visit the city.

Washington, DC is the city, you definitely need to spend a few days, when you are in America.

The Washington Monument and the White House:

Our trip was a short one, but we knew we couldn’t return from Washington, without visiting the Washington Monument and the White House. The Washington Monument is the tallest structure of the world and offers a splendid 360-degree view of the city. Tourists can explore the exciting exteriors from 9:30 am to 10pm.

The White House is located close to the Washington Monument. The White House has been the home to every President Of USA since the year 1800. If you get the opportunity visit the Blue Room, Green Room and the East Room – all of which are located in the State Floor. There are self guided tours and other tours for tourists. You need to contact the authorities beforehand to avoid disappointments.

Visit The Capitol:

United States Capitol – This is a beautiful place, which is still accessible post 9/11. With more than 540 rooms, several tunnels, an underground train, this is a must visit place. Tourists can avail the official tour to watch the lovely place. An interesting place which is visited by hundreds of tourists each day!

The National Mall:

If you are among those who love museums and monuments, a stroll through the Mall is a great option. This is an open park which is located in downtown Washington. It is the favorite location of Presidential inaugurations, festivals, concerts and even political protests.

Tourists can avail the Metro to reach the Mall, as parking is quite difficult. You can stay in this greenway as long as you wish, hopping in and out of the museums. There is plenty to see in the Mall – you actually need to prioritize, or you are definitely going to run out of time.

  • The National Museum of American History – Do not miss this museum when you visit the Mall. This museum has something on offer for every member of your family.
  • Visit the Things to skip: the National Museum.

You can avail some kid friendly tours along the National Mall which include a number of fun facts and games. Tours include Ghosts of Georgetown Tour, Arlington Cemetery Walking Tour and the Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour among many others.

Visit The Tudor Place:

Tourist love Tudor Place Historic House and Garden. You can plan a night visit and simply roam around the lovely historic space, enjoy the gazebos and lovely fountains. The garden creates a vibrant and fresh landscape.

Spend Time In The Logan Circle:

For the fun lovers and those who wish to witness the lively life of the city, should spend a few hours in the Logan Circle. You will find some of the best performance venues, some amazing shops, hip décor and some of the best restaurants of the city.

Enjoy your stay in Washington, DC whenever you choose to visit the city.

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What to do in Dubai

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, try something new!

This is one of those destinations of the world, which is just the right mix of modern culture, adventure, luxurious shopping and great entertainment. It is the city which must be seen to actually believe. Man-made islands, skyrocketing buildings, record breaking architecture, luxurious shopping destinations along with traditional quarters have made the city one of the most sought after places of the world. Dubai is the city to feel pampered, feel the richness and enjoy the opulence of life.

Not To Be Missed – The Burj Khalifa

We started our journey with the iconic Burj Khalifa to discover the unique view from the tallest building of the city. Burj Khalifa dominates Dubai skyline at 828 metres high. Enjoy the most stunning view from 124 level or simply spend some luxurious time at The Top Sky Lounge which is on the 148th floor.

  • Dubai Fountain –

We heard a lot about the water dance of Dubai and planned our visit to the show at The Dubai Fountain much in advance. This is the largest choreographed fountain system of the world and located strategically just below the Burj Khalifa. The water rises as much as 150 metres in the air. We loved the colourful jet sways, gyrating to the music. These beautiful fountains can be seen from a distance of 30 kilometres and draws thousands of tourists daily.

  • Dubai Mall – This is said to be the paradise of every shopper. Luxurious and massive, the Dubai mall has more than 1200 stores. There are a number of attractions in the mall, which include an ice rink and an aquarium which has more than 33,000 underwater creatures.

Palm Jumeirah – Man Made Islands

Indeed, one of the best architectural triumph of Dubai! If you visit reason, you must spend a day in the palm shaped island – Palm Jumeirah. This is one of the most beautiful and the largest artificial island of the world – something which you will see ‘only in Dubai’. This is the most luxurious place of the world, with several high-end hotels, which includes the most famous Atlantis – The Palm.

Visit The Dubai Creek

This is your way to step in the wonderful winding waterways and the lovely souks of Dubai. It is said that the heart of Dubai is the Creek.  Visit the Dubai museum along with the dazzling labyrinthine of spice, textile souks and gold resources of the city. The Dubai Creek is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Dubai.


For The Adventure Lovers – Majestic Desert Safari

We couldn’t return from Dubai without experiencing the marvels of the mighty Arabian Desert, which was once a major tourist attraction. Do not miss the desert safari in true Dubai style or quad biking and also sandboarding which can be followed by the fun camel rides. To experience the true flavors of Dubai, enjoy an unforgettable night by the dunes. Enjoy good food and the best drinks in the amazing surrounding.

Dubai Miracle Garden – A Beautiful Flower Garden

One of the most beautiful and largest flower gardens of the world, the Dubai Flower Garden occupies 72,000 metres of land. There are more than 45 million varieties of flowers in the garden, which is now a major tourist attraction of the city.

Lastly, do not miss out some of the best of Dubai cuisine available in the numerous restaurants and eateries around the city. Fresh and sumptuous Arabic and Lebanese dishes will leave you craving for much more.

Plan your trip to Dubai well in advance – there is a lot to see and enjoy in the city!


When in Rome…


Rome, one of the oldest cities of the world, is the hotspot of tourists. Every month, thousands of travelers visit this historical city to witness its rich cultural heritage, mythological facts and legendary artifacts. Rome is the city of palaces, many monuments and religious building constructed during the times of Roman rulers. This is the place from where the Roman Empire grew and flourished, leaving behind the best of architectural spectacles in the form of monuments and structures.

Travelers, who come to Rome, take time to visit the different palaces, building and monuments, which are all a reminder of the glorious past. Rome has always been one of the top tourist attractions of Europe. One of the most recognized symbols of Rome is the Colosseum. The Colosseum is known for its one of its bloodiest histories of animal fights and gladiatorial combats. More than 4 million people visit the site every year. St. Peter’s Basilica is also one of the most popular sites, often known as pilgrimage of the Catholics.

For our trip, we had prepared a brief itinerary but Rome has much more on offer than we could ever imagine.

The Most Photographed Pote Sant Angelo

Our first destination was Pote Sant Angelo, which spans the famous River Tiber. It creates a wonderful footpath between the side of the river and Castel Sant’ Angelo. The bridge is said to be one of the most decorative and beautiful bridges of the city. Do not miss out the splendid photographic opportunities, especially of the 10 angel statues with amazing details.

Quirinale Palace

Located centrally, Quirinale Palace is now the official residence of the President of Italy. This mammoth structure is considered to be one of the largest palaces of the world. There are several rich and elegantly decorated rooms, chapels and courtyards. You can avail a guided tour of the palace, which is the only way to visit the entire place and know in detail about its rich history. Do not miss the Quirinale garden, which is a major attraction for its splendid flower arrangement and beautiful water features.

Not To Be Missed – Vatican and Museums

Spend a day around the Vatican and you will love every minute of it. Start your day with Piazza di San Pietro, which looks quite like extended arms in embrace. Vatican museums are one of those places where you can study in detail about the history of Roman Empire. This is the place where you see Michelangelo’s Sistene chapel. Visit the mammoth 1400 room palace also known as the Raphael Rooms, with some special antique sculptures and pictures on display.

Palatine Hill – Ancient Area In Modern Rome

Palatine Hill is the central hill of Tiber region. This fantastic location offers a wonderful view of the city, from just above the Roman Forum. It is said that the builders of Rome, the legendary Remus and Romulus were actually found here. There are many structures worth a sight in this site which includes the Temple of Cybele and Flavian Palace.

Roman Forum and The Ruins

One of the main attractions of the city, the Roman Forum is the place where you get to know about the ancient times and the lifestyle of the people. Your guide will walk you through the cobblestoned streets in the tongas. This is the site to know everything about Trajan, Augustus Caesar, Domitian and Julius Caesar, naming just a few.

Plan your next vacation in Rome and enjoy to the fullest!