Things to do in Plymouth

So, you have planned a trip to Plymouth and wondering how to spend your time? Well – you are definitely going to be spoilt for choices, because the city has a lot on offer for the tourists. Let’s explore and know about the many things to do when you are in the city of Plymouth.

Situated in the Southwest England, Plymouth is a port city in Devon. The city lies in between two rivers – Plym to the East and Tamar to the west and both rivers flows into the natural harbor of Plymouth Sound. The city is situated on the mouth of the river Plym and this is how it gets its name – Plymouth. This city is famous for some stunning attractions. Some of the UK’s most stunning and envied beaches and romantic hidden coves are located in this city. One of the finest and largest national parks in Britain – Dartmoor is situated here in this city. So, if you are planning a visit, here are some of things which you shouldn’t miss when in the city.

Plymouth Synagogue:

Plymouth Synagogue in the city of Plymouth is a Listed as Grade II building. It was built in 1762 and one of the oldest synagogues made by Jews, mainly immigrants from German lands and the Netherlands. The synagogue is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Plymouth Naval Memorial:

Plymouth Naval Memorial is a war memorial in Devon, England in memory of British and Commonwealth sailors who lost their lives in both world wars. This memorial is a magnificent structure. It is a fitting epitaph for those brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives and spending some time here in this memorial is really worthy of it. Do not miss spending a few hours in the memorial.

Royal Citadel Plymouth:

This Royal Citadel of Plymouth was made in the late 1660. If you do not come to this historic fort, you will never know that there are so much hidden things behind the walls of this magnificent place. You have to take a guide to get inside this citadel. Guides are knowledgeable persons, and tickets can only be purchased from the guide. It is a mainly outdoor tour, and duration is two hours. As the citadel is an operational military base, tours may be curtailed without prior notice. Do not forget to carry ID card including name and address.

Morwelham Quay:

Morwelham Quay is an historic river port in Devon. It was developed to support the local mines. This port has a peak time in the Victorian era and now it is one of the tourist attractions of England. Here is one open-air museum which displays restored docks, quays, ships, etc. by riding a small train you will enjoy the view of copper mine, Victorian farm, etc. In 2006 UNESCO awarded it World Heritage Site status. This place gives you an impression of Victorian Industrial and rural life.

Hemerdon House:

Enjoy 90 minutes of history in this beautiful house. Built in the late 18th century, by the ancestors of current owners, Woollcombe family, this is a place which shouldn’t be missed. Hemerdon House contains wealth of the local and family history, with artifacts collected by them through generations.

Devonport Naval Heritage Centre

Your visit to Plymouth will be incomplete if you do not visit Devonport Naval Heritage centre. It is a maritime museum formerly known as Plymouth Naval Base Museum. It records the development of the Dockyard and Plymouth’s pivotal role in supporting the Royal Navy. The centre is one of the most visited places of the city.

Plymouth Arts Centre

If you are an art lover, must visit Plymouth Arts Centre. Built in 1947, it is a centre for contemporary art, independent cinema and creative learning based in the Barbican area of Plymouth, UK.

Visit Beaumont Park, Devonport Park, Saltram Gardens, Elejabethan Gardens, Victoria Park, Freedom Fields Park, Devils Point Park, et. Do not miss out the splendid food scene of the city. Taste some of the local and international cuisines of the region when you are in the city.  

Plan your visit to the city and create memories for a lifetime.