What to do in Dubai

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, try something new!

This is one of those destinations of the world, which is just the right mix of modern culture, adventure, luxurious shopping and great entertainment. It is the city which must be seen to actually believe. Man-made islands, skyrocketing buildings, record breaking architecture, luxurious shopping destinations along with traditional quarters have made the city one of the most sought after places of the world. Dubai is the city to feel pampered, feel the richness and enjoy the opulence of life.

Not To Be Missed – The Burj Khalifa

We started our journey with the iconic Burj Khalifa to discover the unique view from the tallest building of the city. Burj Khalifa dominates Dubai skyline at 828 metres high. Enjoy the most stunning view from 124 level or simply spend some luxurious time at The Top Sky Lounge which is on the 148th floor.

  • Dubai Fountain –

We heard a lot about the water dance of Dubai and planned our visit to the show at The Dubai Fountain much in advance. This is the largest choreographed fountain system of the world and located strategically just below the Burj Khalifa. The water rises as much as 150 metres in the air. We loved the colourful jet sways, gyrating to the music. These beautiful fountains can be seen from a distance of 30 kilometres and draws thousands of tourists daily.

  • Dubai Mall – This is said to be the paradise of every shopper. Luxurious and massive, the Dubai mall has more than 1200 stores. There are a number of attractions in the mall, which include an ice rink and an aquarium which has more than 33,000 underwater creatures.

Palm Jumeirah – Man Made Islands

Indeed, one of the best architectural triumph of Dubai! If you visit reason, you must spend a day in the palm shaped island – Palm Jumeirah. This is one of the most beautiful and the largest artificial island of the world – something which you will see ‘only in Dubai’. This is the most luxurious place of the world, with several high-end hotels, which includes the most famous Atlantis – The Palm.

Visit The Dubai Creek

This is your way to step in the wonderful winding waterways and the lovely souks of Dubai. It is said that the heart of Dubai is the Creek.  Visit the Dubai museum along with the dazzling labyrinthine of spice, textile souks and gold resources of the city. The Dubai Creek is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Dubai.


For The Adventure Lovers – Majestic Desert Safari

We couldn’t return from Dubai without experiencing the marvels of the mighty Arabian Desert, which was once a major tourist attraction. Do not miss the desert safari in true Dubai style or quad biking and also sandboarding which can be followed by the fun camel rides. To experience the true flavors of Dubai, enjoy an unforgettable night by the dunes. Enjoy good food and the best drinks in the amazing surrounding.

Dubai Miracle Garden – A Beautiful Flower Garden

One of the most beautiful and largest flower gardens of the world, the Dubai Flower Garden occupies 72,000 metres of land. There are more than 45 million varieties of flowers in the garden, which is now a major tourist attraction of the city.

Lastly, do not miss out some of the best of Dubai cuisine available in the numerous restaurants and eateries around the city. Fresh and sumptuous Arabic and Lebanese dishes will leave you craving for much more.

Plan your trip to Dubai well in advance – there is a lot to see and enjoy in the city!