When in Rome…


Rome, one of the oldest cities of the world, is the hotspot of tourists. Every month, thousands of travelers visit this historical city to witness its rich cultural heritage, mythological facts and legendary artifacts. Rome is the city of palaces, many monuments and religious building constructed during the times of Roman rulers. This is the place from where the Roman Empire grew and flourished, leaving behind the best of architectural spectacles in the form of monuments and structures.

Travelers, who come to Rome, take time to visit the different palaces, building and monuments, which are all a reminder of the glorious past. Rome has always been one of the top tourist attractions of Europe. One of the most recognized symbols of Rome is the Colosseum. The Colosseum is known for its one of its bloodiest histories of animal fights and gladiatorial combats. More than 4 million people visit the site every year. St. Peter’s Basilica is also one of the most popular sites, often known as pilgrimage of the Catholics.

For our trip, we had prepared a brief itinerary but Rome has much more on offer than we could ever imagine.

The Most Photographed Pote Sant Angelo

Our first destination was Pote Sant Angelo, which spans the famous River Tiber. It creates a wonderful footpath between the side of the river and Castel Sant’ Angelo. The bridge is said to be one of the most decorative and beautiful bridges of the city. Do not miss out the splendid photographic opportunities, especially of the 10 angel statues with amazing details.

Quirinale Palace

Located centrally, Quirinale Palace is now the official residence of the President of Italy. This mammoth structure is considered to be one of the largest palaces of the world. There are several rich and elegantly decorated rooms, chapels and courtyards. You can avail a guided tour of the palace, which is the only way to visit the entire place and know in detail about its rich history. Do not miss the Quirinale garden, which is a major attraction for its splendid flower arrangement and beautiful water features.

Not To Be Missed – Vatican and Museums

Spend a day around the Vatican and you will love every minute of it. Start your day with Piazza di San Pietro, which looks quite like extended arms in embrace. Vatican museums are one of those places where you can study in detail about the history of Roman Empire. This is the place where you see Michelangelo’s Sistene chapel. Visit the mammoth 1400 room palace also known as the Raphael Rooms, with some special antique sculptures and pictures on display.

Palatine Hill – Ancient Area In Modern Rome

Palatine Hill is the central hill of Tiber region. This fantastic location offers a wonderful view of the city, from just above the Roman Forum. It is said that the builders of Rome, the legendary Remus and Romulus were actually found here. There are many structures worth a sight in this site which includes the Temple of Cybele and Flavian Palace.

Roman Forum and The Ruins

One of the main attractions of the city, the Roman Forum is the place where you get to know about the ancient times and the lifestyle of the people. Your guide will walk you through the cobblestoned streets in the tongas. This is the site to know everything about Trajan, Augustus Caesar, Domitian and Julius Caesar, naming just a few.

Plan your next vacation in Rome and enjoy to the fullest!